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Bitcoin Club 88



Combining the features of the most perspective business area in the electronic world, we have been able to achieve maximum efficiency of funds, invested in our system. Due to the deep integration of all processes, the availability of reserve accounts, and insurance guarantees, we pay interests to our investors in a sustained way without a single deviation from established plans since the start. Moreover, we always strive to move beyond, and constantly improve our platform for it to remain the most promising investment platform in the future. The process of our work is very simple: An investor chooses the tariff plan and makes a deposit. Immediately after that, his/her money is credited into the common investment pool, blending with the funds of all our other investors and our own turnover. Our traders have different slices of the cake from the pool, depending on their behavior strategies on exchanges, and use these funds for trading at different times of day that guarantees constant control of risks and round-the-clock work of investors funds. As a result, supporting the overall positive balance of trading, our investors get their earnings, and we pay commissions to successful traders they can generate income only in cases of profitable trading and have no direct access to the funds, getting the opportunity to manage them only for trading.


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