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Bitcore Group Ltd






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Bitcore Group Ltd



We are serial entrepreneurs and early supporters of blockchain. We have invested in extremely fast growing companies, the forex market and ICO. Our experience is guaranteed to achieve the profits we promise in an express short period of time. This company has a team of traders who work for the good of the company, watching signals daily to make sure investors dont lose their money. Each country has Administrator watching and securing the interest of the country in terms of their currency value change. We are working toward a transparent company where investors will be updated every week about their trading and investment. We are making sure that we build a reliable ,sustainable and strong company which can expand to almost all the crypto countries in the world. Studying the crypto market have shown a rising rate of scams and pyramid programs claiming to be into trading, promising unrealistic returns; our mission is to bring a difference to crypto trading all over the globe, provide an option for bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash investments that is 100% risk free with a good investment return option.


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